International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 12, Number 12 (2019)





Development of E-Maintenance in Green Building Maintenance and Repair Work of Government Buildings Based on Work Breakdown Structure Using Building Information Modeling
pp. 2061-2071
Anita Handayaniputri, Leni Sagita Riantini , Yusuf Latief and Deny Dwiantoro

Low-Power and Fast Adders Using New XOR and XNOR Gates
pp. 2072-2076
T.Subhashini, M.Kamaraju and K.Babulu

Trajectory Planning of Robots – Curve Fitting Method
pp. 2077-2080
Dr. Prasanna L Kaujala

Visual Characteristics of “Ground Floor Pedestrian-Friendly Facades” in “Reproduction of Public Area” Based on “Socioeconomic Activities” in Kampung around Campus
pp. 2081-2110
Ramos P Pasaribu, Uras Siahaan and Rumiati R Tobing

Validation of Rain Attenuation Models with Experimental Data at Covenant University, Southwest, Nigeria
pp. 2111-2116
Ometan O. O, Omotosho T. V., Adewusi M. O, Akinwumi S. A., Emetere M. E. and Boyo A. O.

Ergonomic Glare Evaluation Model on Automobile Headlamp Condition and the Level of Driver’s Response
pp. 2117-2125
Ho-Sang Lee, Sungkyun Im, Murali Subramaniyam and Seung Nam Min

A Portable Architecture with an Interior Fashion Concept
pp. 2126-2132
Fermanto Lianto, Rudy Trisno and Denny Husin

An Outlook in Blockchain Technology- Architecture, Applications and Challenges
pp. 2133-2137
Dr. Aarthy C and Dr. Aishwarya N

New Theory for the Low Frequencies Nonlinear Acoustic Radiation of Plate at Large Vibrations Amplitudes
pp. 2138-2142
H. Moulay Abdelali and R.Benamar

Nonlinear Dynamic Simulation of a Magnetic Levitation System Using MATLAB/Simulink
pp. 2143-2158
Ayokunle A. Awelewa, Olawale Popoola and Abdulkareem Ademola

A Study on Peak Power Driving Considering Speaker Characteristics
pp. 2159-2162
Bong-Young Kim, Ik-Soo Ahn and Myung-Jin Bae

Technical Peculiarities of the Stock Market Implementation: State Policy and Problems of Liquidity
pp. 2163-2168
R. K. Serkebayeva, G. K. Kazbekov, R. K. Sabirova, A. K. Alpysbayeva, K. Zh. Sadvokassova and N. G. Kabdiy

Responsive Open Spaces for Children in Residential Communities in Cairo: A Child Participatory Approach
pp. 2169-2178
Marwa M. Ahmed, Indjy M. Shawket, Hisham S. Gabr and Mohamed M. Dorra

Basiсs of Hybrid Energy-Metallurgical and Catalytic Technology of Synthetic Methane Production
pp. 2179-2184
Evgeny Protopopov, Pavel Malenko, Syuzanna Dobrykh, Evgeny Golosman, Vasiliy Efremov, Ekaterina Zhenaeva and Alexander Protopopov

Influence of Initial Conditions on Motion Behaviors of Robot Arms
Do Trung Hai and Nguyen Hong Quang

Performance of Tesla Turbine using Open Flow Water Source
pp. 2191-2199
Jibsam F. Andres and Michael E. Loretero

Gap Analysis in the Current Knowledge Limitations in Drought Assessment Research in the Eastern Nile River Basin
pp. 2200-2206
Marwa Ali, Ahmed Helmi, Mostafa Ghaith and Ahmed Wagdy

Influence of Von Mises Stress on the Deformation behaviour of a Pinion Spur Gear under Cyclic Loading in a Bottling Machine: An Approach for predicting surface Fatigue failure in Gears
pp. 2207-2211
Enesi Y. Salawu, Oluseyi O. Ajayi, Anthony Inegbenebor, Stephen Akinlabi, Esther Akinlabi and Felix Ishola

A Quantitative Study on the Impact of the Usage of the Social Media on Student Academic Performance: The university of Tabuk as an example
pp. 2212-2215
Monia Oueder and Inam Abousaber

A Low-Cost Smart Microcontroller Based Hazardous Gas Detecting System Suitable for Camps
pp. 2216-2223
Awni Itradat, Eslam Malkawi, Heba Khraismah, Nabeel Al-Masaedeh, Enas Abu AL-Zalaf, Qesmah Al-Rabbaqeen and Odai Al-Omoush

Predictive learning model for Cognitive Radio using Reinforcement Learning
pp. 2224-2230
Mithra Venkatesan, Anju.V.Kulkarni, Radhika Menon, Sharadha Tubachi and V.Ramakrishnan

Development of a Nonlinear Linearizing Controller Using Input-Output / Input-State Linearization for Implementation in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
pp. 2231-2239
Y.D Mfoumboulou and R. Tzoneva

Brain Signals Authentication on Cloud Computing
pp. 2240-2245
M. A. Hadi and Hany S. Elnashar

Vertical Handover Decision Algorithms in Multi-Wireless Network Systems
pp. 2246-2253
Kusay Faisal Al-tabatabaie

Diagnosis of the Safety Culture of Carriers of Dangerous Goods by Road: A Case Study of Morocco
pp. 2254-2261
Moncif Sabar, Mohammed El Hammoumi, Wiame Ech-Chelfi, Hajar Bakraouy and Mouhcine Fadil

Leadership Lessons from Satra Institutions of Assam and their Applicability in Modern Organisations
pp. 2262-2268
Satyakam Dutta and Dr. Monoj Kumar Chowdhury

Comparing Different Algorithms based on Reinforcement Learning for Congestion Control
pp. 2269-2272
Dr. Mythiliboopathi, Rushali Agrawal and Tanay Arpit Shah

Quality of Urban Life Indexes’ Analysis to Initiate Socio-Urban Based Criteria
pp. 2273-2283
A. N. Elkhouly, S A. Attia and M. A. Zayed

Low Cost Test Bed for Implementation of Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control
pp. 2284-2288
Eneh, Joy Nnenna, Umoh, Joan Benedict, Egoigwe Sochima, Ozue, ThankGod and Obi, Levi O

Study the Individual Performance of Bulrush as a Natural Sorbent to Remove Oil Layer from Simulated Sea Water for Isothermal Batch Processes
pp. 2289-2293
Mustafa Ahmed Oraibi

Building a Magnetic Flux Model of Induction Motors and Testing on Hardware Systems Using DSP C2000
pp. 2294-2297
Dinh Van Nghiep, Nguyen Thi Mai Huong, Ngo Minh Duc, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga and Nguyen Hong Quang

The Use of Support Schemes in Teaching Architectural Design
pp. 2298-2302
Perizat Меiramovna Аitmukhanova, Nurlan Taubaevich Baikulakov, Akimbek Mederhanovich Мuhadiev, Yerbolat Tursynkhanovich Kisimisov and Clara Ilyasovna Kudabaeva

Finite Element Analysis of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
pp. 2303-2311
Alaa Adnan Hafedh and Ghufraan Hussien Hassan

Analysis of Electrical Properties of Narrow Channel SOI MOSFETs
pp. 2312-2316
Prashant Mani, Pankaj Singh, Anand Pandey, Nishant Srivastav and Vipin Kr.Yadav

Destroying Embedded Malicious code in Image (DEMI): A Proposed Method
pp. 2317-2320
Meshaiel M. Alsheail and Dina M. Ibrahim

Development of Information System and Knowledge Management in Integrated Management System to Improve Organizations Performance of Construction Company in Construction Management Projects
pp. 2321-2329
Ringgy Masuin, Yusuf Latief and Teuku Yuri Zagloel

Automatic Cyber Bullying Detection in Arabic Social Media
pp. 2330-2335
Bedoor Y. AlHarbi, Mashael S. AlHarbi, Nouf J. AlZahrani, Meshaiel M. Alsheail, Jowharah F. Alshobaili and Dina M. Ibrahim

Deep Learning based Non-Line-of-Sight Identification with Sub-1GHz Narrow Band Frequency
pp. 2336-2340
Yoonsu Jo and Gu-In Kwon

The Effect of Alcohol Solvents on Morphology of Silica Particles Synthesized from Silica Sand and Their Application as Hydrophobic Surfaces
pp. 2341-2345
A. Ismail, D. Asrianti, A. A. Dwiatmoko, B. H. Susanto and M. Nasikin

Modelling and Optimization of Transesterification of Waste Sunflower Oil to Fatty Acid Methyl Ester: A case of Response Surface Methodology vs Taguchi Orthogonal Approach
pp. 2346-2361
Omojola, Awogbemi, Inambao, FL and Onuh EI

Development and Application of Artificial Neural Network for the Prediction of Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine from Fatty Acid Composition
pp. 2362-2377
Omojola Awogbemi, Freddie Inambao and Emmanuel I, Onuh

Assessing the Quality Of Life in New Gated Communities in Egypt
pp. 2378-2388
Eng. Omar Mohamed Ismail, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby and Ass. Prof. Dr. Haitham Samir

Enhancement of Wireless Powering Process
pp. 2389-2395
Abdulkareem Mokif Obais and Ali Faeq Ruzij

Developing Knowledge based Authentication Mechanisms in Governmental Organization
pp. 2396-2402
Ali Alkhalifah and Saleh Albahli

Nickel-base cement-containing catalyst for the synthesis of methane from carbon oxides
pp. 2403-2407
Vasiliy Efremov, Evgeny Golosman, Pavel Malenko, Evgeny Protopopov, Syuzanna Dobrykh, Ekaterina Zhenaeva and Alexander Protopopov

Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Binary and Ternary Systems Composed of Ethanol, Acetone, and 2-Butanol at Atmospheric Pressure
pp. 2408-2414
Putri Amalia Devianda, Surya Aji Prassetya, Annas Wiguno, Rizky Tetrisyanda and Kuswandi Kuswandi

A New Boost Converter with Edge Resonant Switched Capacitor
pp. 2415-2422
Ashraf Nasr EL-Deen Mourad, Adel A. Elbaset, Hamdy A. Ziedan and Khairy Sayed

Assessment of Urban Resilience through the Development of an Urban Resilience Assessment Model (Resilience Performance Index)
pp. 2423-2430
Arch.Rasha Mahmoud Gaber, Prof. Mohamed Hussein Abd El-Kader and Prof. Ehab Mahmoud Okba

Performance of Fixed-point-like Methods for a TVL1 Problem with Impulse Noise
pp. 2431-2439
Yu Du Han and Jae Heon Yun

A study on the Improvement of Klaxon Sound
pp. 2440-2445
Zhixing Tian, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Development and Research of the Ozonator at the Crow-Barrier Discharge
pp. 2446-2451
Samal B. Аbdreshova, Shabden А. Bakhtaev, Ainur Zh. Toigozhinova, Gulzada D. Mussapirova, Aliya S. Tergeussizova and Ainur A. Taurbekova

The Calculation of the Stress-Strain State of Mine Workings in the Networks of Complex Fault Lines in Planes, Generalized Planar and Volumetric Installations
pp. 2452-2464
G. Salgarayeva, N. Kurmanbekkyzy, N. Katayev, G. Askarova and S. Omarova

The Role of the Irrigation Management Software in Kazakhstan
pp. 2465-2472
G. Zhidekulova and A. Abduvalova

A Systematic Literature Review in Enterprise Architecture for Railway Supply Chain of Malaysia Transportation Industry
pp. 2473-2478
Mailasan Jayakrishnan, Abdul Karim Mohamad and Abu Abdullah

Offline Drone Control in Simulator
pp. 2479-2482
A.V.Koluzov, I.S.Shustov, R.N.Sadekov, R.R.Bikmaev and M.Sh.Gareev

A Study on Self Perceptual Method of Partial Auditory Disturbance in Extended High Frequency Band
pp. 2483-2488
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

A Study on the Safeguard of the Person who Suppresses Fire with Sound Fire Extinguisher
pp. 2489-2494
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Numerical Modelling and analysis of a node reinforced by CFRP solicited by an approximate seismic effort
pp. 2495-2501
Jamal Eddine HAMOUTAMI and Oum El Khaiat MOUSTACHI

Kinetic Study of Phytochemical Extraction and Antioxidant Potential of Hibiscus cannabinus L.
pp. 2502-2509
M.M. Nor, N.F.A. Noor Amri, M.M. Rahman, J.Y.Liew, M.N. Omar and S.Basri

Study of Multidimensional and Nonlinear Control Systems, Built in the Class of "Hyperbolic Umbilic
pp. 2510-2515
M.A. Beisenbi, Sh.S. Mussabayeva, A.K. Satpayeva, S.A. Kaliyeva, R.E. Shakirova and G.S. Shuteeva

Finding of New Opportunities for Target Use of Phosphate Ores’ Deposits of Kazakhstan
pp. 2516-2524
A. Kydyraliyeva, U. Besterekov, K. Nurasheva, K. Urakov, A. Bolysbek and U. Nazarbek

A Study on Output Enhancement through Speaker Type Improvement
pp. 2525-2528
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

Application of Floyd-Warshall’s Algorithm in Air Freight Service in Nigeria
pp. 2529-2535
Tinuke Omolewa Oladele, Adekanmi Adeyinka Adegun, Roseline Oluwaseun Ogundokun, Aderemi Elisha Okeyinka and Lucas Ayeni

Effect of Rheology of Modified Bitumen to the Permanent Deformation Performance of Asphalt Mixture
pp. 2536-2543
Nurul Wahjuningsih, Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo and R. Jachrizal Sumabrata

Design of a Free-running Wheel Base for a Differential Robotic Platform Using Topology Optimization
pp. 2544-2549
Fernando Martínez Santa, Fredy H. Martínez S and Edwar Jacinto Gómez

Video-Based Vehicle Counting System for Urban Roads in Nigeria Using Yolo and DCF-CSR Algorithms
pp. 2550-2558
Aderonke A. Oni and Nicholas Kajoh

Networking for Cloud and Data Centre - A Systematic Mapping Study
pp. 2559-2573
Isaac Odun-Ayo, Ibukun Eweoya, Williams Toro-Abasi and Sherrene Bogle

A Simple and Novel Automatic Marker Generation Algorithm for the Watershed Image Segmentation
pp. 2574-2580
Manikanta Prahlad Manda and Hi Seok Kim

Design of An Efficient (m, 3)-Adder Circuit for Implementation of High-Performance Multipliers
pp. 2581-2586
Myungchul Yoon

Experimental Study of Heat Transfer in Conical Tube Heat Exchanger
pp. 2587-2591
Chirag Maradiya, Dr. Jeetendra Vadher and Dr. Ramesh Agarwal

Simulation of Methanol Synthesis from CO2 Hydrogenation in a Packed Bed Reactor using COMSOL Multiphysics
pp. 2592-2599
Bayu Sari Adji, Yuswan Muharam and Sutrasno Kartohardjono

The Direct Theorem of Baskakov-Bezier-type Operators in Holder Space
pp. 2600-2603
Qiulan Qi1 and Wenxia Li

An approach based on Rough Sets Theory and Grey System for Implementation of Rule-Based Control for Sustainability of Rotary Clinker Kiln
pp. 2604-2610
Hossam A. Nabwey

The Two-center Correlated Exchange Integral over Slater-type Orbitals
pp. 2611-2613
Rizk Yassen

Minimum Cost Method for Multiskilled Resource Scheduling
pp. 2614-2626
Narongrit Wongwai and Suphawut Malaikrisanachalee

Rural Road Constructions Productivity Growth in Jordan
pp. 2627-2632
Nabil Hazim, Zaydoun AbuSalem and Nawal Louzi

Spectral Filtering of Photovoltaic Cells using Novel Bio-filter
pp. 2633-2639
Emetere Moses E. & Gabe-Oji Testimony

Array-Impulse-Pair Selection assisted STAP Model for Efficient Clutter Suppression and Jamming Resilience in Moving Sea-target Detection
pp. 2640-2654
Rajesh B., Udayarani V. and Jayaramaiah G.V

Design and Analysis of Selectable Multiband Isolation of SPDT Switch using Single Switchable Resonator
pp. 2655-2660
N. A. Shairi, A. M. Zobilah, Z. Zakaria and Y. S. Wong

State-Space Approach to Generalized Thermoelastic Half-Space Subjected to a Ramp-Type Heating and Harmonic Mechanical Loading
pp. 2661-2675
E. Bassiouny

Upgrading Gasoline Yield and Octane Quality in Fluid Catalytic Cracking by Coprocessing of Vacuum Gasoil with Palm Triglyceride Fatty Acid using REY-Type Zeolite Catalysts
pp. 2676-2682
Zarkoni Azis, Bambang Heru Susanto and Mohammad Nasikin

Ensuring the Quality of Power Supply to Industrial Enterprises Using Universal Power Converters
pp. 2683-2686
E.A. Buzoverov, A.Y. Varaksin and K.K. Denshchikov

A Specific Feature of SPC for Software Reliability Model using on Type-2 Gumbel Life Distribution
pp. 2687-2691
Kyung-Mo Yeon and Hee-Cheul Kim

Laboratory Investigation on Skid Resistance Characterizations of Recycled Hot-Mix Modified Asphalt Nano Crumb Rubber
pp. 2692-2697
Sigit P Hadiwardoyo and Raihan Adillah

An Algorithm for Iterated Game to Handle Self-Obsessed Behavior in a Noisy Social Communication Network
pp. 2698-2708
Moirangthem Tiken Singh and Surajit Borkotokey

Developing Resilient Modulus Model for Modified Asphalt Mixes with Crumb Rubber and Buton Natural Asphalt Based on Penetration Index and Temperature
pp. 2709-2714
Raden Hendra Ariyapijati, Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo and R Jachrizal Sumabrata

Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy and Statistica Analysis of High and Low Pressure Coatings on Sediments Membrane for Stable and Efficient Wettability
pp. 2715-2734
P. B. Sob, A. A. Alugongo and T. B. Tengen

Sparsity and Cold Start Recommendation System Challenges Solved by Hybrid Feedback
pp. 2735-2742
Marwa Hussien Mohamed, Mohamed Helmy Khafagy, Heba Elbeh and Ahmed Mohamed Abdalla

Deep Learning-based Churn Prediction of Telecom Subscribers
pp. 2743-2748
Nasebah Almufadi, Ali Mustafa Qamar, Rehan Ullah Khan and Mohamed Tahar Ben Othman

Design of a Multicriteria Model with a Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process - FAHP, For the Selection of Suppliers
pp. 2749-2754
Leydy Johana Hernández Viveros, Jennifer Catalina Murcia and Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento

Marketing Prospects for Universal Electric Power Converters
pp. 2755-2760
E.A. Buzoverov, A.Y. Varaksin and K.K. Denshchikov

Grounding Characteristics Estimations of Wind Turbine Using ANN
pp. 2761-2768
Sherif S. M. Ghoneim, Mahrous Ahmed, Mosleh M. Alharthi, Basem Alameri, Farhan A. Salem, Saad Mekhilef and Mohamed Orabi

Dynamic UCB Adaptation Strategy for MCTS based GVGAI
pp. 2769-2774
Jun Hwan Kang and Hang Joon Kim

Deep Learning-based End-to-End Dependency Parsing without POS Tagging
pp. 2775-2779
Ji-un Jeon, Do-Heon Choi, So-Young Park and Yeo-Chan Yoon

5G Networks - Structure and Implementation for the Internet of Things
pp. 2780-2786
Catalina Leal Vargas, Leydy J. Hernández Viveros and Danilo A. López Sarmiento

Sinusoidal Chaotic Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Optimization: Recent Trends in Applied Optimization
pp. 2787-2802
A. A. Mousa, Salman M. Qassm and A. A. Alnefaie

Investigation of Evaporative Cooling System Applied for Environmental Camps in Taif City, Saudi Arabia
pp. 2803-2807
Ashraf Balabel and Ali Alzaed

Refurbishment of Alkhua Mosque: Using environmental Design principles
pp. 2808-2814
Ali Alzaed

A New Approach to Control Both Rotation Speed and Axial Rotor Position of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor Base on Sliding Mode Control Combining with PID Control
pp. 2815-2820
Duong Quoc Tuan and Nguyen Hong Quang

Bit Error Performance Analysis of Intensity and Pulse Modulation for Satellite Laser Communications
pp. 2821-2825
Won Ho Kim

Radio Propagation Models Development for Lorawan in Suburban Area of Abidjan, Côte D’ivoire
pp. 2826-2833
Raoul zamble, Traore Issa and Dozohoua silue

Proposal for a Management Model for SME Providers using a Multi-Criteria Model with a Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process – FAHP
pp. 2834-2838
Leydy Johana Hernández Viveros, Octavio José Salcedo Parra and Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento

Draft Proposal Establishing the Relationship between Involvement and Leadership Styles, to Retain Human Talent in Tourism SMES of the Department of Boyacá - Colombia
pp. 2839-2848
Leyla Carolina López Sarmiento, Nelson Enrique Vera Parra and Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento

A Study on the Visual Function Reinforcement Training Design using the Pupil Recognition Program
pp. 2849-2851
Jong Soo Lee, Ah Young Son, Seone Je Park and Dong Kyun Kim

A Study of Visual Function Training and Eye Disease Prediction Platform Through Image Analysis
pp. 2852-2855
Jong Soo Lee, Sa Young Lee and Dong Kyun Kim

Development of Eye Drops Container for Metered Dose
pp. 2856-2858
Jong Soo Lee, Dong-Kyun Kim, Dong-Hyeon Choi and Jei-Pil Wang

Development of Customized Penile Implant Technology Using 3D Printer
pp. 2859-2862
Hyun-Jun Park, Dong-Kyun Kim, Gyu-Cheol Kim and Jei-Pil Wang

Development of Device for Patient-Specific Artificial Testicle Using 3D Printing
pp. 2863-2866
Hyun-Jun Park, Dong-Kyun Kim, Byung-Woo Lee, Sung-Ho Kim and Jei-Pil Wang

A Refined Algorithm for Leak Location in Gas Pipelines with Determination of Quantitative Parameters
pp. 2867-2869
Aigul T. Bakesheva, Vadim G. Fetisov and Vladimir V. Pshenin

Training and Prediction of PUs Applying RNAs in Wireless Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 2870-2873
Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento, Nelson Enrique Vera Parra and Octavio José Salcedo Parra

Effect of Triangular Splitter on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow over Triangular Cylinder
pp. 2874-2879
Dr. Ahmed Hashim Yousif

Finite Element and Theoretical Study on The Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Slab
pp. 2880-2883
Shvan A Mohamadsharif and Salahuddin Abdulrahman Ahmed

Morphological and Mechanical Behaviour of Welded Joint of a Steel Using Nano-Flux Powder (MnO) From Agrowaste (Banana Peel) During MIG Welding
pp. 2884-2893
Sunday Adeniran Afolalu, Samuel Olusegun D., Owoeye F. Taiwo and Bello, K. A

Traffic Flow Characteristics Modelling of a Central Business District – Case Study of Challenge Area, Ibadan, Nigeria
pp. 2894-2902
Atoyebi Olumoyewa D., Olayanju Adeniyi T., Modupe Abayomi E and Jegede Segun L.

Usefulness of Measuring the Pressure Exerted by Orthopedic Braces
pp. 2903-2909
Cristina Bignardi

Modelling the Effects of Environmental Factors on Traffic Flow Parameters
pp. 2910-2924
Lina Shbeeb and Nabil Hazim

Humanism in Building Technology A New Philosophical Vision for Attaining Human Aspects within the Science and Technology of Construction
pp. 2925-2937
Professor Dr. Abeer Samy Yousef Mohamed

Miniaturized Dual Band Antennas with Frequency Tunability for Implanted Biomedical Devices
pp. 2938-2946
Adel Damaj, Hilal M. El Misilmani and Sobhi Abou Chahine

A Study on the Causes of Revenge Psychology of Klaxon Sound
pp. 2947-2952
Bong-Young Kim, Zhixing Tian and Myung-Jin Bae

Combination of Fracturing Areas after Blasting Column Charges During Destruction of Rocks
pp. 2953-2956
Valentin Isheyskiy, Mikhail Marinin and Vadim Dolzhikov

Rationalization of Rain Stations in the Ciliwung Cisadane River Basin
pp. 2957-2963
Fisnu Yudha Pramono, Suripin, Suharyanto and Widada Sulistya

Composition and Properties of NPК-Fertilizers Produced on the Basis of an Ammonia Saltpeter Solution, A Ground Phosphate Rock and Potassium Chloride
pp. 2964-2971
Uilesbek Besterekov, Aziza D. Kydyralieva, Igor A. Petropavlovskiy, Marina M. Yeskendirova, Aidar A. Bolysbek and Saule P. Nazarbekova

Towards an Advanced Scientific Methodology for Designing Museum Exhibition Halls from the Perspective of Digital Technology Thinking
pp. 2972-2982
Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan and Hisham samah Hussein

A Review of Applied Modern Condition Monitoring and Best Maintenance Engineering Practices in Reciprocating Gas Compression Plants
pp. 2983-2987
Mohamed Hussein M.Faris, Elamin Elhussein, Hassan Osman Ali and Ali Yousif

Effect of Rainfall Gauges Density on Areal Reduction Factor
pp. 2988-2996
Y. A. Adel, A. G. Awadallah and A. M. Elzawahry

Clustering on Freight Distribution System in Archipelagic Region with Deterministic Allocation Model
pp. 2997-3005
Windra Priatna Humang, Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo and Nahry

Analytical Solutions of Computer Virus Propagation Model with Anti-virus Software and Time Dependent Connecting Network in Caputo Fractional Derivative Sense
pp. 3006-3017
T. Korkiatsakul, S. Koonprasert and K. Neamprem

Social Commerce in Saudi Arabia: A literature review
pp. 3018-3026
Arwa Albelaihi, Mashael Alyahya, Noof Aldieef, Noorah Alghasham, Norah Alajlan, Rawabi Alharbi and Mohammed Hadwan

Deep Learning-based Network Attack Detection Using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
pp. 3027-3031
Bayan Alsughayyir and Ali Mustafa Qamar

A Mathematical Model of Sediment Transport of the Poti Coastal Zone
pp. 3032-3037
Ivane Saghinadze and Manoni Kodua

A Hanbok Design and Improve the Results using GAN
pp. 3038-3040
Yoojin Jeong, Kyoung Chul Kim, Kwang-Chul Son and Chae-Bong Sohn

An Analysis of Long Term Yearly Water Flow Trend and Its Impact on Sediment Yield in King Talal Dam
pp. 3041-3049
Maisa’a W. Shammout and Mahmoud M. Abualhaija

Wavelets Based Signal Processor for Naval Surveillance Radars
pp. 3050-3055
N. Muralidhara, Rajashekhar C Biradar and Jayaramaiah G.V

Exergy Analysis of a Multiple Reflector Solar Box Cooker
pp. 3056-3060
Olumuyiwa A. Ogunwale, Ramonu, John A.L, S. D. Adewumi, A.A. Adeleke and T. Yahaya

Solar Potential assessment in Near East University, Northern Cyprus
pp. 3061-3069
Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Gökçekuş and Ali Güvensoy

Modified Wilkinson Power Divider with Switchable Function using PIN Diode Switches
pp. 3070-3075
N. Edward, Z. Zakaria, N. A. Shairi, I. D. Saiful Bahri and M. H. Abdul Hamid

Reconfigurable Filtering-Antenna with triple Band Notches for UWB Applications
pp. 3076-3081
Ammar Alhegazi, Zahriladha Zakaria, Noor Azwan Shairi, Rammah A. Alahnomi and H. Alsariera

A Study on The Effects of Block-Based Computing Language on Algorithmic Problem Solving
pp. 3082-3088
Jungin Kwon

Green-Wall Benefits Perception According to the Users’ Versus Experts’ Views
pp. 3089-3095
Abdallah Elhady, A.M. Elhalafawy and Rasha A. Moussa

Cardiovascular Bioengineering in characterizing the variability of heart rate based on an analysis spectral and temporal nonlinear patients with Chagas disease
pp. 3096-3106
Corredor-Matus José, Riveros-Sanabria Fernando and Vargas-Guativa Javier

Computing the Stability of a Nonlinear Control System of a Locomotive Multi-Motor Electric Drive
pp. 3107-3113
Maxat B. Orunbekov, Margarita B. Imandossova, Gulfariza A. Suleimenova, Vladimir A. Shults and Ainagul M. Seitbekova

Resolution-aware Ensemble of Pose and Illumination-Invariant Feature Descriptors for Face Identification in Unconstrained Videos
pp. 3114-3126
Temitayo Matthew Fagbola and Colin Surendra Thakur

Forecasting Violent Crime Hotspots Using a Theory-Driven Algorithm
pp. 3127-3132
Falade Adesola, Ambrose Azeta, Aderonke A. Oni and Felix Chidozie

Solving Boundary Value Problem in 2D Using Finite Element and Finite Difference Method
pp. 3133-3137
Iffat Ara


Optimum Distributions of Heating Surface Areas in Industrial Boiler
pp. 3138-3144
Somchart Chantasiriwan


Cubic Spline Solution of Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems via Initial Value Method
pp. 3145-3150
Essam. R. El-Zahar


Adaptive Step-size Nonlinear Explicit Integration Algorithm for ODEs
pp. 3151-3155
Essam. R. El-Zahar and Rizk Yassen