International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 12, Number 5 (2019)





The Ighrem and the Tighremt of the Ait Bouguemez valley: a lost Centrality in the daily life of the mountain inhabitants of the High Moroccan Atlas
pp. 588-595
Mouna M’hammedi , Meryam Harati, Nezha Tlemçani Mekaoui, Loubna Hracherrass and Rachid Alillouch

Oral Cancer Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 596-601
Lavanya L and Chandra J.

Factors Influencing the Performance of the National R&D Projects in the Field of Science and Technology
pp. 602-606
Choi, Hyun-mook

Multiobjective Optimization for Energy Efficiency in Cloud Radio Access Networks
pp. 607-610
S. Sharma and W. Yoon

Model for Analyzing Urban Dynamics Using 4D-GIS Analyses (The Evolution of Land Uses in the International Coastal Road Region)
pp. 611-623
Eng.Eman Mohamed Refaat andMohamed Mohamed El Barmelgy

Regulation Methods in Natural Monopoly Markets Case of Russian Gas Network Companies
pp. 624-630
Filatova Irina, Shabalov Mikhail and Nikolaichuk Liubov

Legislative Regulation of Waste Management System Development in Russian Federation
pp. 631-635
Grigory B. Malyshkov, Liubov A. Nikolaichuk and Leonid S. Sinkov

Self compacting concrete containing large volumes of Class C flyash and processed slag sand for carbon foot print mitigation
pp. 636-641
C. P. Ramesh, H.P. Vageesh, T. Raghavendra, B. C. Udayashankar and A. Shashishankar

A Study on Sound Energy Resonance Using the Special Acoustic Lens
pp. 642-646
Bong-Young Kim, Kwang-Bock You and Myung-Jin Bae

Review of Various IoT Standards and Communication Protocols
pp. 647-657
Deepti Rani and Nasib Singh Gill

To the Question about the Source of Ozone in MAG Welding Using Carbon Dioxide
pp. 658-661
Evgeny Protopopov, Vera Devyatkina, Syuzanna Dobrykh, Kirill Korotkov, Alexander Valter and Alexander Protopopov

Approximation Properties of -Sz asz-Mirakian Operators
pp. 662-669
Qiulan Qi, Dandan Guo and Ge Yang

Criteria for Evaluating the Saving and Production of Energy in Hospitals “Nursing Units”
pp. 670-678
H.H.Sameh, E.M. O. Mokhtar and N. M. Ezz el-Dein

A VLSI Design of a High-Speed Parallel Digital k-Winners-Take-All Circuit
pp. 679-685
Myungchul Yoon

Installation Situation of Tactile Walking Surface Indicators in Israel
pp. 686-691
MIZUNO Tomomi and TOKUDA Kastumi

Benefits of Government Enterprise Architecture: Context of certain EA initiatives in India
pp. 692-696
P.Gayatri and V.Nagalakshmi

Optimization of kNN Classifier Using Hybrid Preprocessing Model for Handling Imbalanced Data
pp. 697-704
Preeti Nair and Indu Kashyap

Characterization of Silicon Oil Calibration Bath Through Stability and Uniformity Tests Using Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer and Precision Multimeter
pp. 705-710
Vilma C. Pagtalunan, Lean Karlo S. Tolentino, Arlene G. Estacio and Rio S. Pagtalunan

IoT-based Monitoring Model for Pre-Cognitive Impairment using pH Level as Analyte
pp. 711-718
Rosemarie Theresa M. Cruz, Lean Karlo S. Tolentino, Ronnie O. Serfa Juan and Hi Seok Kim