International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)




Volume 2, Number 3 (2012)




Energy Efficient Resource Management using Green Virtualisation Cluster Computing
pp. 133-140
Authors: K. Sriprasadh and S.E. Neelakandan


Aggregate Diversity Improvement in Recommender System through Ranking Approach
pp. 141-151
Authors: Doddegowda B.J., Sanjay Kumar, Rabindranath S.and Nagaraj K.

Intelligent Query Interface for Temporal Database with Natural Language Processing using Efficient Context Free Grammar
pp. 153-165
Authors: K.Murugan and T. Ravichandran

A Naïve Approach for Managing Virtualized Resources and Optimistic cost
pp. 167-171
Authors: T.L. Surekha, Ch. Srividya, P. Ramadevi and D. Madhavi

Automatic Morphological Segmentation and Region Growing Method of Diagnosing Medical Images
pp. 173-180
Authors: K. Martin Sagayam, V.Ayyappan and Dr. S. Palani

Alleviation of Application Layer DDoS Attacks using Data Specification Module
pp. 181-188
Authors: R. Saravanan, K. Vigneswari, M. Rajalakshmi and S. Suria

pp. 189–195
Authors:  Dara Eshwar, Desh Pal Singh




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