International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)




Volume 2, Number 1 (2012)




Novel Approach of Modeling Self Similar Objects using Parallel String Rewriting Methods through Combined L-System Techniques
Authors:Bana Bihari Mohanty, Sasmita Mishra, Saroja Nanda Mishra
and Srikanta Pattanayak


Survey on Various Prototype used in Building Software Reliability Model
Authors:D. Swamydoss and Dr. G.M. Kadhar Nawaz


Shadow Detection in an Image using Fuzzy based Approach
Authors: S. Muthukumar, N. Krishnan, K. Tulsi Nachiyar, P. Pasupathi and S. Deepa

A Multidimensional Model for Automatic Schema Generation process by Integrating OLAP with Data Mining Systems

PP. 27-36

Authors: V. Mani Sarma, D. Rambabu, Prof. P. Premchand and Dr. V. Purnachandra Rao

Quadrature Oscillator: A New Simple Configuration based on 45nm 2nd Generation CMOS Current Controlled Current Conveyor

pp. 37-47

Authors: Firdaus Majeed and Mohd. Yusuf Yasin


Computer Aided Docking Studies on Anticancer Drugs for Breast Cancer

pp. 49-55

Authors: R. Sendhil Kumar, Dr. G. Anjan Babu and C. Gunaseelan



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