International Journal of Information & Computation Technology (IJICT)




Volume 1, Number 1 (2011)





Effective Co Processor Design Based On Program Benchmark
Authors: P.S. Balamurugan and K. Thanushkodi


Review of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Data Transformation in Rapid Prototyping Technology
pp. 11-16
Authors: Sharanjit Singh and Kanwalpreet Singh


Describing and Probing Complex System Behavior: A Graphical Approach
pp. 17-30
Author: D.S. Rao

Support-Vector-Based Fuzzy Neural Networks
pp. 31-54
Authors: Chin-Teng Lin, Chang-Mao Yeh, Jen-Feng Chung, Sheng-Fu Liang and Her-Chang Pu

Approximation Capabilities of Hierarchical Neural- Fuzzy Systems for Function Approximation on Discrete Spaces
pp. 55-78
Authors: Xiao-Jun Zeng, John Yannis Goulermas, John A. Keane and Panos Liatsis

SAHR: Swarm Adaptive Hybrid Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp. 77-86
Authors: B. M. G. Prasad and P.V.S. Srinivas





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