International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJEC)

Volume 8 Number 2 (2016) 





Power Dispatching and Security Challenges in Smart Grid Management and its Solution through Key Management: An Overview and Issues
pp. 99-107
Abdullah Umar, Yash Pal Singh and Adla Sanober


An Enhancement of Low-Voltage Distributed Photovoltaic Systems Oriented to Fault Ride through Capability
pp. 109-120
P.Pamuletaiaha, M. Rameshb and G. Jaganmohan

A Multilevel Inverter Based Dual Voltage Source Inverter Design for Improving Power Quality of Grid
pp. 121-137
P. Bhaskara Prasad, M. Padmalalitha and G.V. Nhymisha


Mitigation of Frequency Deviation with Resonant Controller in Microgrid with the Robust Control of an Attached Storage System
pp. 139-152
S. Muqthiar Ali, P.B. Chennaiah and Y. Lakshmi Prasanna

Control of PMSG Wind Turbine Based on PI/ANN Controllers under Unbalanced Grid Voltage and Nonlinear Load Conditions
pp. 153-166
U. Sri Anjaneyulu, B. Srinivasa Rao and P. Guruvulu Naidu

A Multilevel Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer- Ultra Capacitor for Improving Power Quality of Distribution Grid
pp. 167-181
R. Madhan Mohan, B. Murali Mohanb and T. Ashok Kumar


TCPS-SMES Based Multi Area Thermal System with AGC Control

pp. 183-193

S. Anupama, R. Madhan Mohan and B. Jagannarayana

A Dual Two Level PV Inverter without an Isolation Transformer
pp. 195-207
C. Ganesh, S. Sarada and P. Bala Guravaiah


A Multifunctional Cascaded Two-Level Inverter based STATCOM for DC-Link Voltage Balance in High Power Applications
pp. 209-218
P.Sureshbabu, N.Sreeramulu Reddy and K.Venkatesh