International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJEC)

Volume 7 Number 1 (2015) 





Hybrid Reactive Power Compensators and Firefly Algorithm Based Optimal PI Controller for a Multi-terminal HVDC Transmission System Feeding Weak AC Networks

pp. 1-22

S. Seenivasan and S. Singaravelu 


Broken Rotor Bar Fault Diagnosis Using FFT
pp. 23-28
Neelam Turk


Importance and Need of Accurate Modelling of Soil of High Voltage Substation for Optimal Designing of Grounding System
pp. 29-43
Rajesh Kumar, Kamal Bansal, Devender Kumar saini and IPS Paul


Image Authentication using Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 45-50
Neelam Turk

Speech Production Process: An Overview
pp. 51-56
Neelam Turk

Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Fault using Fast Fourier Transform
pp. 57-61
Neelam Turk

Modelling of Induction Motor
pp. 63-67
Neelam Turk

A Review of Literature on Recent Development in Electrical Machines
pp. 69-75
Neelam Turk

Conceptual Framework for Organizational Behaviour: An Overview
pp. 77-82
Neelam Turk