International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

Volume 11, Number 11 (2018)





A Study on the Management of Public Services by Using Drones : Based on the Search for Missing persons
pp. 1641-1649
Kwang Myoung Hwang, Jun Seok Yu and Hyun Mook Choi

Korea's Policy Direction for Drone Market and Renewable Energy Sector: Focusing on O&M Industry Case Analysis
pp. 1651-1659
Hyun Mook Choi, Jung Kue Pyo and Kwang Myoung Hwang

A New Method for Pedestrian Alerts
pp. 1661-1683
Arvind Vishnubhatla

Sustainability Study Based on Ecological Footprint of Traditional Housing Kampung Naga
pp. 1685-1697
Doddy Anwar, Gagoek Hardiman and Rumiati R.Tobing

Computational model based on Shannon entropy to analyze violence against women: A case study in Peru
pp. 1699-1712
Alexi Delgado and Betsabe Ayala

LEAN Model for Optimizing Plastic Bag Production in Small and Medium Sized Companies in the Plastics Sector
pp. 1713-1734
Katherine Guillen, Katherine Umasi, Grimaldo Quispe and Carlos Raymundo

Method for Optimizing the Production Process of Domestic Water Tank Manufacturing Companies
pp. 1735-1757
Lenin Alvarado, Grimaldo Quispe and Carlos Raymundo

Inverse Kinematics Software Design and Trajectory Control Programming of SCARA Manipulator robot
pp. 1759-1779
Mohamed T. Eraky and Dmitry V. Zubov

Chronic Kidney Disease: A Predictive model using Decision Tree
pp. 1781-1794
Vikas Chaurasia, Saurabh Pal and B.B. Tiwari

Piezoelectric Materials Subjected to a Moving Heat Source under Fractional Order Equation of Motion AssociatedWith Two Relaxation Times
pp. 17951810
E. Bassiouny, Zeinab Abouelnaga and A.M. Algelany

Energy Production Evaluation from a Linear Fresnel Reflectors Arrays with Different Array Orientation
pp. 1811-1819
Saad S. Alrwashdeh

Fast Compressive Tracking Parameters Optimization for Enhanced Visual Tracking
pp. 1821-1836
Law Hooi Mee and Parvathy Rajendran