Education & Research Methodology

A Text Book of Co-Ordination Chemistry Basic Principles of Structure and Reactivity of Co-Ordination Compounds
Authors: Bhaskaran and Dakeshwar Verma
Pages: 152
ISBN: 978-93-84144-01-2
Price INR: Rs. 500 Outside India: US$ 25

Activity Based Learning: A Study
Author: Ushagayethri Venkatesh
ISBN: 978-93-84144-75-3
Pages: 66
Price INR Rs. 500 US$ 25

Collaborative Learning in Language Classroom
Edited by: Dr. Amrita Pritinanda
Edition : 2012
Pages 137
ISBN: 978-81-904362-8-1
Price INR: Rs. 600.00 Outside India: US$ 50

Emotional Intelligence Occupational Stress and Coping Resources among School Teachers
Author: Dr. Gujja Sampath Reddy
ISBN: 978-93-84144-18-0
Pages 260
Price INR Rs. 260 US$ 20

Micro-Teaching: Integration of Teaching Skills
Authors: Vanita Rose and Dr. Surekha Khokhar
Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-81-89476-05-X
Price INR: Rs. 500 Outside India: US$ 25

Motivational Inputs and Adjustment Aspects of Migrated and Non-migrated JNV Students
Authors: Dr. Sujeet Kumar Sumit Kumar Shukla and Neha Vats
Pages: 155
ISBN: 978-93-84144-10-4
Price INR: Rs. 500 Outside India: US$ 25

Ways and Means of Research Method
Authors: Prof. Dr. Dileep Kumar M. and Associate Prof. Dr. Nor Azila Mohd Noor
Edition: 2014
Pages 371
ISBN: 978-81-89476-06-8
Price INR: Rs. 500 Outside India: US$ 25